I managed to catch the marvellous Paul Smiths Exhibition at the Design Musuem this month as the closing date was extended.

"The exhibition draws on Paul Smith’s personal archive, from the company’s beginnings in Nottingham to its international prominence today. The exhibition explores how Paul Smith’s intuitive take on design, together with an understanding of the roles of designer and retailer, have laid the foundations for the company’s lasting success and offer a unique insight into the magnificent mind of Paul Smith." -DesignMuseum.org

I dragged my boyfriend along with me to this particular exhibition because like my boyfriend, Paul Smith is an avid cycling fan and has collaborated with different cycling companies and teams including Mercian, Condor Cycles and Rapha Condor. I've always told my boyfriend one day fashion would bring our hobbies together. I had a great time strolling around the exhibition as it was so insightful. 'His inspirations, working methods and obsessions underpin the entire exhibition in a very digestible way'(The Guardian).

Inside Pauls Head
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