I haven't posted in a while because I took a last minute trip to France. I finished work one sunday and booked it that night and flew out monday. Spontaneous ay! My friends have a beautiful chalet in the Alps and for 3 years I've been meaning to visit. It's the perfect place to unwind, the views are incredible. Admittedly you need a car if you were to go so you can visit all of the surrounding towns/markets/ski resorts. I found myself totally relaxed and spent the whole trip lounging by beautiful lakes which you could swim in and reading my books. To wake up to the view below each morning sometimes just didn't seem real. The tour de france sailed past le chatox the day after I left so the sheet you see hanging from the balcony was made by Anne and I to support Chris Froome. Va Va Froome!! I was well and truly chatoxed.

Why don't you book your holiday there? Follow on twitter @chatoxholidays or visit their facebook page here or website here

J'adore french markets!

Lac D'Annecy below

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